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China vs. United States
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  • Highest Quality of Life
  • Largest Christian population
  • Highest divorce rates
  • Most unequal societies
  • Where people live the longest
  • Largest Muslim population
  • Largest prison population
  • Highest suicide rate
  • Best Cities for Quality of Life
  • Best Cities in America
  • Best Cities to get a Job in America
  • Best Cities for Singles in America
  • Best Cities in the World for Art
  • Countries with the Best Gender Equality
  • Countries with the Highest Amphetamine Abuse in Europe
  • Angriest Cities in America
  • Arabic Speaking Countries
  • Industrialized Countries receiving the most Asylum Seekers
  • The Most Beautiful Woman in the World - Miss World vs. Miss Universe
  • Countries with the Highest Birth Rates
  • Books From different countries
  • Countries with the most Cardinals
  • World Cities
  • Cities with the Shortest Commutes in America
  • Communist Countries
  • Countries to have Banned Corporal Punishment
  • Most Corrupt World Leaders
  • Dangerous Countries to Live in
  • Most Dangerous Cities in the World
  • Developed Countries
  • Developing Countries
  • Countries with the Largest Foreign Populations
  • Drunkest Cities in America
  • Countries with the Highest Ecstasy Abuse in Europe
  • Most Educated Cities in America
  • Gay marriage
  • Happiest Countries
  • Countries With the Largest Household Size
  • Countries with the Largest Immigrant Populations
  • Least Happy Countries
  • Immigration to the US after September 11, 2001
  • Longest Serving World Leaders
  • Countries with the Lowest Rate of Deaths from Road Accidents
  • Countries with the Highest Military Spending
  • World's Monarchies
  • Most Dangerous Cities in America
  • Most Polite Cities in the World
  • Countries where People Most Listen to Radio
  • Industrialized Countries receiving the Most Refugee Applications
  • Catholic Countries
  • Safest Cities in America
  • Satellite TV Countries
  • World's most Searched People
  • Most Sexually Active Countries
  • Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rates in Developed Countries
  • Highest Unemployment Rates in the World
  • Vacation Help - Find the Best Holiday Destinations
  • Most Visited Countries
  • Countries where People Watch the Most TV
  • Countries With Women Leaders
  • Countries With the Most Women in Parliament
  • Countries with the Most Work Hours
  • Cities with the Worst Standard of Living
  • Worst Cities in America
  • Countries with the Worst Gender Equality
  • Youngest Cities in America

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