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Richest Man in the World

Warren Buffett has become the world's richest man with a net worth estimated at $62 billion. The investment guru surpassed Bill Gates who was the previous world's richest man for 13 consecutive years.

Gates and Buffett are friends who are reported to enjoy playing the board game bridge. Buffett recently pledged the bulk of his Birkshire shares to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Bill Gates is now the world's third richest man with a fortune of $58 billion. Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico is the second richest man with a personal haul of $60 billion according to Forbes magazine.

William H. Gates was born on Oct. 28, 1955. He was raised in Seattle, Washington where his father, William H. Gates II practices as an attorney. His mother,Mary Gates was a former school teacher. Bill Gates demonstrated an interest in computers and softwareat an early age. He entered Harvard University in 1973 where he first met Steve Balmer, the current CEO of Microsoft. In 1975, he began Microsoft with his childhood buddy Paul Allen. Bill Gates decided to leave harvard in order to focus more attention on Microsoft. The rest as they say is history.

Today, he is worth a staggering $58 billion . To put this in perspective, consider what can be done with that amount of money.

  • He could pay the salary of President Barack Obama (US$400,000) for 132,000 years
  • You could win Survivor 52,000 times and still not match up to his fortune
  • His wealth exceeds the annual budget of Russia.

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